Boys Gymnastics

Additional Information

These classes are specifically designed for Boys and will introduce them to the 6 Olympic apparatus, floor, vault, high bar, parallel bars, pommel horse/mushroom & rings.  


If you have not already participated in our classes, you need to fill out our a participation form.  You can register online for your convenience.

Boys Beginner


 This boys only class will focus on the men’s Olympic equipment (Floor, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars and High Bar). Your child will be learning the fundamental skills on each of the Olympic events. These skills will help your child with developing strength as well as body awareness, flexibility, coordination in a fun and safe learning environment.  

  •  Ages 6 and Up 
  •  60 Minute Class 
  •  $85 Monthly 

Boys Intermediate


 Once your child has achieved the fundamental skills in the beginner class you will be Invited to move your child into the Intermediate Class. Within this class your child will be learning the skill progresses from their fundamental skills. This class will keep working on strength and body control as well as the confidence to try new skills. This class will help improve your child’s body awareness in harder gymnastics skills. Your child’s teacher will be doing lots of stations as well as spotting to make sure your child is learning in a safe and fun environment.   This class is by invitation only.

  •  Ages 6 and Up
  •  90 Minute Class 
  •  $125 Monthly

Class Schedule