Parkour & Tricking

What is TRicking?

Tricking is a unique way for individuals to incorporate extreme movements with finesse and the tricksters own personal expression. No two tricksters are alike as the sport encourages creative expression of movement combined with intricate tumbling and body movement. Many tricksters (someone who practices tricking) come from a variety of backgrounds from martial arts, break-dancing and gymnastics to list a few. Do you want to learn how to do a 540 kick, Butterfly kick or twist. Or maybe move on to learn to do a Dragonfly or a Grand-master swipe? Better yet do you just crave to do really fun movements that look awesome? Then Tricking is for you!  


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Parkour, otherwise known as the art of movement, is the discipline of moving efficiently from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Not only does the sport require you to overcome physical obstacle through creative movement, there are also mental obstacles to overcome. While Parkour typically takes place outdoors, practicing in the gym provides a safe learning environment for Traceurs (Parkour Athletes) to learn new skills and become confident in doing them. If you’ve ever been interested in the sport, come try it out… Parkour is for everyone!​ 

Level 1

Level 1 Parkour is designed to teach the foundations of the sport, including body awareness, control and natural movement. There are no prerequisites to participate in the Level 1 class, all skill levels are welcome to join.​ Participants will learn: Parkour Rolls, Basic Vaults & Variations (including: Safety, Speed, Lazy, Kong, Dash), and Precision Jumps.  

  • Ages 6 and Up
  • 60 Minute Class
  • $85 Monthly

Level 2

Level 2 Parkour is for those athletes who understand the fundamental skills of the sport and can perform them with ease. A major component of this class involves the improvement and adaptation of basic skills from Level 1. Participants will learn how to combines kills to create a flow of movement and transition smoothly from one obstacle to another. Additionally, participants in this class will learn how to apply the skills they learned in the gym to the outside environment. To participate in this class, participants must demonstrate a prerequisite set of skills. In this class, the following skills will be taught: Basic Flips (front, back & side), introduction to Wall Techniques, introduction to Bar (basic swinging techniques). 

  • Ages 6 and Up
  • 60 Minute Class
  • $85 Monthly

Level 3

Level 3 is an extension of the skills learned in level 2. Successful completion of Level 2 is a prerequisite for registering for Level 3. Students will polish their skills into creating their own movement. Students will master their own movement and learn more about their body. Creativity is key, they will develop the ability to use their creativity to make up tricks and movement of their own. Skills will also be refined for advanced moves

  • Ages 6 and Up
  • 60 Minute Class
  • $85 Monthly


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